Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 things that really bother me.

Okay, yesterday, I wrote about 5 things that bother me in the restraraunt business. Today, I am going to write about 10 things that really bother/aggravate me in general.

1) When people tell me what to do.
First of all, you are not my parent. I will not and do not take orders well. If you demand me to do something, you best believe I will not listen to you. I do what I want, when I want; without anyones orders, due to the exception of my parents. I cannot stand when I get a text that says, "Come here now, I don't care what your doing." Dude, stfu. Seriously, obviously I don't want to see you or go hang out with you. Especially after you demanded me telling me to come see you and you could careless what I'm doing. Or, "You have no decision of saying yes or no." Oh hell no. Your telling me I can't make my own choices? You must be out of your mind. I can say yes or no whenever I please. No one in there right mind is going to tell me I can't say yes or no.

2) When people make stupid jokes and thinks its funny.
If your going to make a joke to me or about me, at least make it funny. If it's not funny, and you think it's hilarious, your stupid. If I don't say, "haha" or "lol" or "Hahaa, thats hilarious!" get the picture that I don't think its funny. Don't keep on making stupid jokes. If you keep on, your just going to keep aggravating the hell out of me. And if your doing it to make 'your boys' laugh, COOOL. Glad you like to me stupid ass jokes that aren't even funny to impress your guys because it sure as hell doesn't impress me, especially if its a stupid joke.

3) When people text me 3 or 4 times if I don't reply back.
HELLLLLLLLLLO! I have a life too. Just because I don't text you back within the first 3 minutes you sent me a text, don't keep sending me text messages after text message. That is highly annoying. I may have my phone with me by my side alot, but don't keep sending me messages like, "Hello." or "Okay, you don't want to talk to me." or "Why aren't you texting me back." Oh my gosh, that shit gets annoying. I'm not going to revolove my life around you and text you back as soon as possible. I will take my sweet time if you keep sending me texts back to back.

4) Stalking my facebook.
I get that people want to see my profile page and stuff. But to look at ALL my comments and like all my statuses just gets really annoying. There is no need in liking everything I do or trying to be friends with my best friend. (Haha, Alyssa, you already know who this is about). After you finish stalking my facebook, don't text me and ask me about all the people on my facebook that is commenting on my status or on my pictures. It's called I have friends. There going to comment on my page and yes, even guys. If you thought I only had just girlfriends, you are crazy. Sorry you don't like that I have guy friends, but I'm not going to tell them to not talk to me just because you don't like it. If you don't like it, quit stalking my facebook!

5) When people are so slow when driving.
Some people don't understand that the right lane is for SLOW people and left lane is for FAST people. Don't go in the left lane and go 55 mph when the speed limit is 70. Your bound to get honked at and people are going to ride your ass. It pisses me off when you past that slow ass person in the left lane having to go into the right lane then looking at them and you see there trying to talk on the phone or look in the mirror. Okay, I talk on the phone and look in the mirror sometimes, but I get in the slow lane. Seriously, it pisses me off. Especially when I'm in a hurry and you get behind someone that is going so slow. I will honk at you.

6) Fat people who wear shirts that are so tight you see there stomache.
Not trying to be mean, but I really don't think anyone wants to see your stomache. Especially after you've had like 6 children. It's not cute. Don't strut your stuff around the mall in your short, shorts, tight shirt, and cheap shoes walking around acting like your hot stuff. Reality check: you aren't. You have 6 kids following behind you while your trying to pick up guys at the mall. It won't work there. You will not be able to find a dad for your children at the mall. Sorry, you just won't. I understand its hot outside, but stop wearing something revealing when you aren't cute.

7) When people interrogate what I do after I get done going out.
Do not interrogate me when I'm out with my friends or when I get home. If I told you I was going out, I'm going out. It's not like I'm going out of state to go do something and then come home. Don't ask me a million questions saying, "When are you coming home?" or "What are you doing now?" I don't want someone interrogating me every minute. It gets so old and it gets really annoying. If you ruin my night, I sure will let you know. And if I told you, you ruined my night, it won't be pretty!

8) When I'm watching a tv show, and someone comes and changes it.
Oh hell no. That stuff reallly, really pisses me off. Do not change my tv channel when I'm watching a movie, especially a Lifetime movie. I don't care if your basketball game is on or you want to watch your sports channel. You can ask me nicely but don't just grab the remote and change my channel! It's rude and it will put you on my shit list and you definitely do not want that.

9) When someone chews there gum so loud, you can hear them across the room.
Okay, you are out in public. Quit chewing it like your a cow. I realize the gum might be that good to you, but if I can hear you across the room, you are chewing your gum way to freaking loud and that is just unacceptable. Close your mouth and chew or is that how you chew everything? If so, I feel terrible for your family and the people you go out to eat with.

10) Last, but not least. When I'm in a movie and 15 year old little girls laugh the entire time.
If it's an action movie, shut the hell up. Half the time, scenes aren't going to be funny throughout the whole movie. Don't sit up at the very time and giggle the entire time. There are other people in the theater and I'm sure some of them want to tell y'all to shut the hell up. I understand, going to the movies on a Friday night with your posse is cute and you think your the cutest thing ever, but when you go into a movie and laugh the entire time and text and think one guy in the theater is cute, you sure as hell won't get his attention. And fyi, you can't really see what people look like in theater, ITS A LITTLE DARK IN THERE. Shut the hell up and just watch the movie you paid to see. If your there looking for a cute guy, most of the time, a guy that goes to the movie is either with his girlfriend or his guy friends and is not looking for a 15 year old girl.

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