Friday, April 1, 2011

A little about me.

Hello bloggers. I am new to this blog scene, so bare with me. I figured my first blog would tell about me just a little bit since the actually 'About Me' didn't give me enough space. So here we go!

I am a 19 year old girl who lives life to the fullest. The little things in life get to me, but that still doesn't stop me from having any fun. I'm extremely short tempered, but that never gets the best of me. I live in Nashville and I love being a Southern Belle. I'm told I have a cute little Tennessean accent, but I beg to differ. I grew up in the North. A state not very many people think is 'fun', but I enjoyed it. Your probably wondering what state it would be and that lovely state would be Iowa. I lived there for 9 years and moved when I was in the 5th grade. I thought it would be the worst thing of my life, but it ended up being a pretty good move. I hated Tennessee for the first year, of course, but as time went by I got use to it. 10 years later, I call Tennessee my home.

I graduated highschool, May of 2010. I am not in college at the moment. Just doing the whole work scene, but in the fall I will be attending Vol State Community College to get my general studies out of the way. I really want to be a 2nd grade teacher or a dental hygenist. Total opposites, I know, but I'm not really sure what I want to be yet. I adore doing hair and I will be getting my cosmetology license on the side. I don't want to be doing hair the rest of my life, but that is something I adore to do on my free time. Job wise, I'm a server at a sports bar. I definitely don't want to do that the rest of my life, so thats why I will be starting college in the fall. After getting my general studies done, I will transfer to a university to study my major.

I adore stuffed animals, preferrably a frog stuffed animal. I hate frogs in real life, but stuffed animal frogs I adore. As well as fleece blankets. Pink is my all time favorite color. I'm probably one of the ditzyiest girls ever. I trip over everything. I talk about the most random stuff and I could really talk allll day. I have an attention span of like nothing. I can hardly sit still. You can thank ADD for that.

My family is my world. I would do anything for them. I've been a pain in the butt, but they've always been there for me. Without them, I would be completely lost. They've helped me through some of the hardest moments in my life. I have a best friend. Her name is Alyssa. She lives where I use to live, Iowa, and it sucks. I never get to see her, but I talk to her almost everyday. She is like my sister. I would do anything for her. She's the only one I can talk to about anything. I may not get to see everyday like I would like, but I know she'll always be there for me. Thats why she's like a part of my family.

Random note: I tweeet ALLLLLL the time. It's kind of sad.

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