Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What I live by: without trust, there is nothing.

I just don't get why people have to lie about what there doing. Why can't people just be honest? That would make everything so much more simple, but instead, people have to lie. Especially about the dumbest things. If you seriously think you are going to hide something from me and don't expect me to find out, you best believe I will find out. Even if you don't think I will, I will. I trust everyone until they give me a reason not too and when you loose that trust with me, your on my shit list and it will take a while to get my trust back. I don't care how many times you say sorry or if you tell me what your doing. Trust does not come back that easily. With others, it might; but with me, it doesn't.

Don't try to make me look like a fool by hanging out with some girl or your ex-girlfriend and act like I won't find out. Sweetie, I will make YOU look like a fool and I sure as hell wiill call you out in it. Just because I look like the nice, sweet innocent girl doesn't mean my mean side won't come out. If you do something to hurt or betray me, you best believe I'll be the biggest bitch on the planet. Don't tell me she was just at the movies when you went there. That is not a coincidence. You live in a big ass town, she is not going to be where you are unless you invite her. Yes, I use my brain sometimes. But it's kind of common sense and I don't even live near. Anyone would know that.

I have the biggest trust issues, ever. I trust hardly anyone, but my best friend Alyssa. She is the only person I can really truly trust. It's sad when the person your with, you can't even trust. How pathetic is that. It's horrible when they think I trust them and I really don't. There really trying to make me look stupid and in the end, I will not get hurt. I will not have that happen to me, again.

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