Monday, April 4, 2011

Tornado season.

Well, let me tell y'all about my crazy/scary day.

Today, for the first time in my life, I woke up before 12 o'clock which never happens to me. I woke up thinking I was going to have alot to do today. Like go get lunch with the boyfriend, go to the mall, and go pick my mom up at the airport. Sounds like a pretty productive day. Yeah, all that went to hell. At 12 o'clock this afternoon, it started storming like no other. We were under tornado warnings which I didn't think anything of. Boy, was I wrong.

I decided I wanted to go out into the living room and go watch some Lifetime movies with my dog. I watched one movie and fell asleep. My nap didn't last long because I got woken up to by a loud thunderstorm. It started pouring. I couldn't even see outside and by that time, my tv wasn't working. The power didn't go out yet. But the lights were flickering and everything and let me tell you, I was scared shitless. I hate storms as is, and when it lightenings and thunders, it just doesn't work out well for me. Well, combine all that with 90 mph winds and seeing branches being flown in the air. It's pretty scary. About 1:45 pm, my power went out. FML! I was home with my frantic dog and of course, I was scared myself. So I decided to text my best friend to see what she was doing since my boyfriend didn't care to see if I was okay or not. I talked to my best friend, Alyssa, for a little while until she had to get ready for work.

After I got off the phone with her, I was sitting in the dark for the next 3 1/2 hours. Just watching my dog and looking outside. The power was still out and my sister hasn't been home from school yet. Finalllllly, at 4:15 my sister gets home and we decide to entertain ourselves or at least try to by making videos and having time pass. We kind of got bored doing that, so I decided to take a shower. I was so thankful that I got to take a hot shower! But I didn't have a freaking blow dryer or straightener! So taking a shower was kind of pointless when I couldn't really do my hair.

By this time, it's still raining but not as bad. Tornados have already passed and made some damage to our town and half the town is out of power. Lovely, right? This gets much better. I was suppose to take my sister to her first high school meeting, but couldn't make it because there were so many things in the rodes. We had to skip it. We seriously thought we were going to be stranded at home all night without the parents. Thankfully, at like 6:30 my dad gets home! It's getting kind of dark and its hard to see anything. It sucks not having electricity. I almost died.

We decided to go get something to eat since we couldn't get anything to eat. Half the places we wanted to go eat at didn't have power so that sucked. We finally found a place to go eat, which was Barefoot Charlies, which is normally good. We get there and literally sit at our table for 15 minutes and didn't get a server. As if we didn't have a bad day enough, we were thirsty and hungry and the damn lady wouldn't even come to our table. Everyone was getting pissed because they had been waiting for so long. So, we decided not to wait and went to Rivergate to go see what restraraunts were open. We saw Longhorns and wanted to go eat there. My dad dropped my sister and I off at the door to go get a table. We asked how long the wait would be and it would have been an hour wait! Can you tell this hasn't been my day? Or anyones day..

By then, it starts pouring, AGAIN! I'm soaked and my hair looks like shit. We debate on whether to go home or just head to Nashville to go get my mom. Well, she texted me and said she was boarding her plane so we just went ahead towards Nashville. Us not knowing that half of Nashvilles power went out as well, we were screwed. All we wanted was a place to eat before we picked my mom up. We have been driving for the past 2 hours just to find a place to sit and eat. And for once, my dad listens to me. There was a place near the airport that was open. And it was the only place to it. It was Cock of the Walk. If you want Southern food, go there! It's delish. There was no wait and we finallllly got to sit down and eat. We were relieved. After we got done eating, we went to pick my mommy up at the airport. We told her there may be no power at the house. But when we got home, there was! :)

I'm skyping my best friend now! Thank God I have power back! This is the best thing that has happened to me all day! Otay, thats all. BYEEEEEE!

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