Saturday, April 2, 2011

Venting about guys.

Okay. Well, I've kind of gotten the hang out this whole blog thing and I decided I would write another post. While I'm writing this, I am skyping with my best friend, Alyssa, and she is also blogging as well :) This is how much we love our lives and this shows how much we miss each other! Haha. Anyway. Here we go.

The topic I'm going to write about is guys. I just want to say, guys just suck period. I'm dating a guy at the  moment and oh my gosh, I seriously just want to strangle myself when talking to him sometimes. He just doesn't ever understand me. Are all guys like that? Or is it just me. I swear, I'm not a difficult person, but when I'm dating someone who clearly needs attention 24/7 that just does not fly with me. Guys never look at a girls point of view. They always assume girls are always in the wrong. I can never win with my boyfriend, ever. It just kills me because I get so aggravated with him and just doesn't understand why.

One reason why I get aggravated with him: he stalks my facebook!
I understand a guy wants to know about my life, but to talk my facebook. That just gets a little creepy. I don't enjoy him invading my privacy and interrogating me about ALL my friends. Especially, my guy friends. Anything anyone posts on my wall, I get interrogated. If someone calls me beautiful he gets so mad at me and tells me not to talk to them. He also thinks he has to write on everything I post. It just gets realllly annoying.

Another reason why I get really aggravated: he always asks for pictures.
Okay, I get that he never gets to see me. But seriously, when he constantly asks me for pictures and I say in a nice way, "No", I don't want to send a picture. He demands me to send a picture. Like, wtf. Come on now. He will get so pissed at me for not sending a picture. His excuse is, that he never gets to see me and that he would like for me to send a picture of myself everyday. Uhm, everyday. I think not. If I don't send him a picture, he makes it out to be that I don't like him that much and all this nonsense.

Another reason why I get so aggravated: he goes out with his guys all the time and gets drunk.
I honestly do not mind that he goes out and has a ball with his guy friends. But when he tells me I can't go out and drink, thats a big hell no. He can go out and get drunk, but he expects me to stay in and not have fun at all. Let me fill you in, he's 27 years old and I'm 19. Big difference, I know. But if he honestly thinks I'm going to sit my happy ass at home while I know he's out, he must be out of his mind. I am going to live my life the way I want to. He just doesn't get it. He expects me to listen to him about everything. It's not going to happen.

Another reason why I get mad at him: he can take up to 3 hours texting me back, but if I take that long, its the end of the world.
I can now see why guys think they are in control of a relationship. But in this relationship, he knows whose boss. But if nothing goes his way, he flips shit. I can be in the shower and recieve like 5 texts from him saying, "Oh, your not talking to me now", or "Helllllllo?!" Dude, I'm in the shower. I have to ya know, look cute and get pretty, so therefore, I have to shower. I mean, if he thinks I'm going to text while I'm in the shower, he is out of his mind.

I could go on and on about what aggravates me about him. But this blog just isn't about him. It goes out to every guy. If you are like that, it will drive a girl nuts.

Is there a reason why guys are like that?! I just can't get it through my head why he acts the way he does. I try to ask myself everyday why he acts like that and what he's thinking. But I know, I can't ever read what a guy thinks and I definitely cannot get a straight answer out from a guy. I kind of just want to know why guys act the way they do. They all act like hardasses, but when a girl does something wrong, they throw a bitch fit and act like the end of the world is going to end. I need answers!

Well, I just had to vent. Thanks for reading! xoxo.
Alyssa, if your reading this. DON'T LAUGH! (:

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