Saturday, April 2, 2011

5 things that aggravate me about serving people.

Okay, I'm a server and I really don't mind it at alll, but there are some people who seriously make me hate it. I have 5 reasons why people aggravate the hell out of me.

1) When big parties of like 30 or more come in.
Okay, it's cool when some big parties come in but come on, a group of like 30 is hard to handle. Especially, when it's a birthday party and they roam around the place like it's there house. HELLLLO, that's what chairs are for. Sit your happy ass in the chair and get out of other guests way and even better, get out of the servers way. Don't wave your hand in there air and yell across the restraraunt saying you need something or stand up and walk around eating a piece of chicken. That's a little disturbing. I realize you do that at your house, but don't do it in the restraruant! It makes you look weird. Seriously.

2) Shitty tippers.
I understand people can't tip fat, but tipping $3 on like a $45 dollar tab, you can't be that cheap. You order the most expensive thing on the menu and order a dessert and you want to tip only $3. Wtf. You make me go back and forth getting you more ranch, more napkins, new silverware, more drinks, more ranch, and I only get a $3 tip. Next time, I should try being a shitty server and see if that gets me a better tip.

3) People not remembering what they order.
Seriously, you just ordered from me and when your food comes out you argue with me telling me thats not what you ordered. I'm standing there not really arguing with you, but telling you, "Yes, this is what you ordered ma'am" and she continues to argue with me. In the back of my head I'm thinking, "I wrote this shit down, this is what you ordered!". Telling me this is what you ordered when I wrote it down just to remember, I know this is what you got. So, I have to go alll the way back to the host stand and bring a menu and she points out that, that was what she ordered. What the hell. Spent allll that time arguing with me.

4) People that need something everytime I go to the table.
I realize I forget to bring extra napkins and such, but asking me to bring some more ranch, some more tomatoes, some more jalepenos just gets a little annoying. Why can't ya'll tell me this all at once instead of making me run back and forth constantly. I have other tables. Y'all aren't special or famous. If you were, I'd give you my full attention. Also, asking me to fill up your drinks when you only took 2 sips out of it is unacceptable. I will not go back and forth filling up your drinks everytime you drink 2 sips out of it. That is just insane and what the hell are you guys thinking.

5) Lastly, people sending there food back more than 3 times.
I understand if a burger gets sent back because it's not cooked the right way, but when I get a pizza order or a simple thing as buffalo wings getting sent back 3 times. Why didn't y'all just stay home and cook it your damn selves?? The kitchen can only do so much. They can make it how people like it, but when people complain oh, that doesn't look right can you take it back and re-fix, are you out of your damn mind? Pizza is pizza! It's going to look different, it's not going to look the same everytime. If a burger has a little piece of lettuce on it, TAKE IT OFF. There is no need of sending it back to make a new one. Geeze. Are you that lazy to take off a piece of lettuce on your burger.

Those are my top 5 main reasons people aggravate the hell out of me while I serve. Just come into the restraraunt, be nice and eat your food. Don't complain.

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